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Собирайте одинаковые фрукты и ягоды в квадраты по 4 штуки, чтобы накормить прожорливого монстра в этой логической игре.
Кликните на фрукт, затем на пустую клетку, на которую вы хотите его переместить.
Теги: логика
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Latricia  (аноним) | 17.05.2016, 10:18
Day by day the serial is becoming boring as the reality is not reflected. it is like a fairy tale which don17&#82se;t happen at all. Dont prolong the story and show the real one. Day by day the character of Gopi is becoming worse and it is impossible to find a person with such character in the world. Neither in the past or in the future no such character will be seen. So be practical to continue with her character. 30 minutes of serial shows only cooking, having breakfast and aarti and no story
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Lina  (аноним) | 17.05.2016, 10:17
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